How To Afford Your Dream Birth

March 29, 20242 min read

Affording your dream birth is something that many think is unachievable, so they stress over it and have this idea they’ll be in debt forever, or even worse: they settle for a birth plan they don’t want. 

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to stress, and certainly don’t have to settle. There are a few ways to afford your dream birth, and one of them is prioritizing what actually matters.

Instead of buying that fancy stroller for $3K, invest that money into quality, nervous system based chiropractic care that will benefit you and your baby in more ways than one.

Chiropractic care isn’t just for aches and pains, it helps baby develop their nervous system (which is the first thing that develops in the womb, by the way!) and more specifically, Webster trained chiropractors help create more space for baby while increasing the chances for more favorable labor outcomes. In our office in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, we provide the most scientific and specific adjustments by combining Gonstead technique and Webster. 

Another idea is having your loved ones chip in to your prenatal baby fund instead of buying you three extra wipe-warmers and five extra bathtubs for your baby shower that you’ll inevitably return. A baby fund, similar to a honeymoon fund at weddings, helps you invest in that doula or lactation consultant that supports you during the most difficult parts of pregnancy and post-partum. We can’t tell you how often we hear that hindsight is 20/20: how mamas wish they had the support that doulas and lactation consultants offer as opposed to navigating it alone, trying so hard to keep themselves above water. Doulas offer support for dads, too! 

Your convertible crib and perfect rocking chair don’t prepare you for the thrills and hardness of birth and postpartum. Providers like us do.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves if we’re getting in our own way. Am I the reason XYZ hasn’t happened? Why am I putting off XYZ? We want certain things or have goals, but don’t prioritize what needs to be done to reach or accomplish said goals. 

Our health is suffering but we view therapy as too expensive, meanwhile we’re willing to spend that money on a Target run. Suddenly you don’t have time for a sixty minute gym session, but you’ll binge entire seasons on Netflix daily. Shopping for organic foods is out of your budget, but ordering takeout and going out for fancy dinners and drinks isn’t. 

You, mama, are worth the investment. You can be held, be nurtured while you nurture, and be someone’s priority while you prioritize your new baby. 

We know and understand how hard the fourth trimester is on parents, especially you, mama. We have no doubt that these modalities and providers will be the best investment and make the fourth trimester feel a lot lighter. 

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